The Objective?

  • Our business objective is to become established as the leading solution provider of IT Outsources, IT Consultancy, IT Support, Software House and Supply Chain / Logistics IT Solutions Services locally and globally.
  • To establish strong relationships with Software Principals
  • Increase our Marketing Objectives by:
    • Increasing marketing efforts.
    • Expanding market area.
    • Expanding marketing reach.
    • Increasing telemarketing efforts.

The Goals?

We understand that companies face diverse challenges in today's ever-changing environment. Having amassed the knowledge and expertise, we offer your companie the avenue to minimize commercial incompatibilities while architecting and implementing collaborative business solutions that add value across the business ecosystem.

At Sumosor IT, we integrate business fundamentals such as technology, people and knowledge to ensure our customers achieve their current and future goals. We focus solely on solution building that will streamline entire business process. We assist organizations to become more competitive and ensure greater efficiencies across the extended enterprise.

The Solution?

Sumosor IT has enabled clients to realize the full value of their IT systems. We design, build, implement, integrate and manage systems for organizations across all industries.

We develop a mix of products and services that target both, businesses and consumers. At today's breakneck pace of business, companies need more ways than ever to improve their productivity and efficiency. We are currently making it happen for them.